F8TV Media & Production

Media Production for Live Event, Episodic Television, Feature Film USA / ASIA / OTT / Satellite / Cable Dish broadcast distribution.

Our mission is to define and redefine the meaning of "Empowerment Entertainment" and engage our viewers (and sponsors) with up-lifting and inspiring programing while also entertaining. 

Rooted in positive messages and psychology for women, men youth, family, domestic and foreign markets. From inspiring true story sports drama box office successes like "Woodlawn" to family-friendly holiday stories like "Believe" to faith based stories like  "Trew Calling" to empowerment based women's MMA action drama "Intensive Care" to war action story like "Submission", and heath, wellness and fitness "lifestyle" location based series like the "Shift".

We feature live music event concert series and "behind the scenes" to high level empowerment industry conferences, coaching, training and intensives with industry leaders.

Executive Producers Dave Ohlson and Marcel East

Dave in S. Korea with concert series to feed hungry children in the North Korea with Gospel Great, Sung Jung Mee and George Benson's long time wing man, jazz guitar great, Micheal O'Neil 

Lena Joy Ohlson on the set "The Shift" Hawaii

From Producer, Actor and Director Kevin Sizemore




"The due diligence of being human means becoming AWARE of what’s different now and not the same as before and consider a value in a shift in our thinking."


The HawaiiMana Commitment

What is the Shift to The HawaiiMana Commitment?

The "Shift" in our understanding about food and nutrient rich crops goes beyond just the farming practices like organic and non organic on top of the soil alone. It's the understanding that the condition of our soil's own biome below the surface is as essential to us all as our own internal gut biome certainly is.  We support Regenerative Agriculture both land and sea that focuses on nutrient rich or nutrient dense soil producing crops over the larger commercial or Intensive Agricultural farming methods that focus more on high calorie and starch content crops that end up with significantly depleted vitamin and essential mineral content in our fruits and vegetable and thus end up in our own gut biome just as depleted. Healthy soil produces healthy plants that produce healthy people, and healthy plants don’t always need fertilizers... and neither do people.

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