Gina Lombardi

The Wellness Detective

Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Gina Lombardi is one of the most sought after Fitness Experts around the globe. Known as the Wellness detective, Gina has over 60,000 hours of one-on-one personal coaching experience, is a top trainer for famous actors and musician, is the creator & host of Fit Nation on Discovery Health & Fit, and author of the book, Deadline Fitness, which reveals her signature fitness and diet programs used with celebrity clients.

Celebrity Trainer

Gina has had the privilege to work with famous Actors, Musicians & television executives such as Tom Cruise, Markie Post (Chicago PD),Beck, David DeLuise, Andy Garcia, Leah Remini, Clancy Brown, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Catherine Bell, Kevin James, Isaac Hayes, Carrie Ann Ross, Kirstie Alley,  Laura Kaeppeler -Fleiss(Miss America ’12), Justin Willman (Magic for Humans (Netflix);Host of Cupcake Wars/Scrabble), Sally Pressman (Army Wives), John Mendoza, Clementine Ford, Robert Towne, Chick Corea, Les Moonves, Beth Sullivan,  film producers Colleen Camp, Craig Perry, and many, many more.


Gina, known as the Wellness Detective in her industry, stands out from a field of pretenders because of her integrity, her honesty, and her incredible knack for getting to the truth and distilling information into something people can really use.

Public Speaker

As a Public Speaker, Gina has trotted the globe teaching health & fitness professionals as well as the general public on popular topics such as fat loss, weight loss, exercise and nutrition.  She has presented to audiences in Japan, Australia, Europe and the United States.  Captivating rooms of 10,000 people, Gina has been touted as a ‘dynamic and relatable speaker who gets down to the grit of the matter’. Her most beloved experience has been working with the US Navy Seal Teams in their Family Resiliency program.

"The due diligence of being human means becoming AWARE of what’s different now and not the same as before and consider a value in a shift in our thinking."


The HawaiiMana Commitment

What is the Shift to The HawaiiMana Commitment?

The "Shift" in our understanding about food and nutrient rich crops goes beyond just the farming practices like organic and non organic on top of the soil alone. It's the understanding that the condition of our soil's own biome below the surface is as essential to us all as our own internal gut biome certainly is.  We support Regenerative Agriculture both land and sea that focuses on nutrient rich or nutrient dense soil producing crops over the larger commercial or Intensive Agricultural farming methods that focus more on high calorie and starch content crops that end up with significantly depleted vitamin and essential mineral content in our fruits and vegetable and thus end up in our own gut biome just as depleted. Healthy soil produces healthy plants that produce healthy people, and healthy plants don’t always need fertilizers... and neither do people.

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