Hawaiian Sea Asparagus

Sea asparagus is a powerhouse of a broad spectrum of macro-and micro-minerals, nutrients, and TMG.

Sea Asparagus by David Klein, Ph.D. Naturopathic Doctor
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Digestive Enzymes

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption ManaZyme™ is a potent enzyme and gut health formula enhanced by Astragin®.

Learn how Astragin helps enhanced nutrient absorption and increase bioavailability. 

Astragin Research Overview
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Astragaloside II Intestinal Study
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Effect of Ginsenosides on Glucose Uptake
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A gut microbial metabolite of ginsenosides, compoundK, induces intestinal glucose absorption
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Organic Protein

Plant-based protein, shown to be as beneficial as whey protein at building muscles, decreasing fat mass and aiding exercise recovery.

Oryzatein® Rice Protein is as Good as Whey for Muscle Building and Aiding Recovery
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Oryzatein® Rice Protein Absorption Kinetics Compared to Whey Protein
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The Body Composition Effects of Extra Protein in Elite Mixed Martial Artists
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Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is made from fish skin collagen, is pre-digested for optimal absorption and utilization by the body.

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The HawaiiMana Commitment

What is the Shift to The HawaiiMana Commitment?

The "Shift" in our understanding about food and nutrient rich crops goes beyond just the farming practices like organic and non organic on top of the soil alone. It's the understanding that the condition of our soil's own biome below the surface is as essential to us all as our own internal gut biome certainly is.  We support Regenerative Agriculture both land and sea that focuses on nutrient rich or nutrient dense soil producing crops over the larger commercial or Intensive Agricultural farming methods that focus more on high calorie and starch content crops that end up with significantly depleted vitamin and essential mineral content in our fruits and vegetable and thus end up in our own gut biome just as depleted. Healthy soil produces healthy plants that produce healthy people, and healthy plants don’t always need fertilizers... and neither do people.

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